A lifelong athlete and competitive sport junkie, I began my yoga journey nearly ten years ago with the help of a back injury. I maintained my infatuation with yoga when I left my childhood home in Richmond, VA USA and moved cities, countries and continents with my husband as he followed his own passion of playing and coaching basketball. Yoga continues to be a mainstay in our active and adventurous household bringing balance, focus and peace to our lives and those of our two little yogi children. I have found that yoga has become much more than a practice, but a way of life and refuge. I believe that the practice of yoga can help us all recognize where we are limiting ourselves in our thoughts and routines and to ultimately find true happiness and harmony.

As a certified personal trainer with a background in physical therapy and sports medicine I bring all of my knowledge, energy and passion every time I step onto the mat. I strive to share my love of yoga and its benefits of healing, strengthening and maintaining the body and the mind to all I have the privilege to teach. Away from my yoga mat you can find me with my family, teaching, traveling, or fueling my Harry Potter obsession. 

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COASTAL YOGA, beats & bubbles
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Favorit i repris: GARUDA med GABRIELLA på Bliss i Skene
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Full Moon Breathwork 23 november
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Internationella Yogadagen 21 juni
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